Carta das lideranças da Região do Alto Mucajaí da Terra Indígena Yanomami contra a mineração.

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Carta em Yanomami-Ninan




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We, the people from Alto Mucajaí, are sending  this document about mining activities in the Surucucu.We heard that mining would come and work there, therefore we are writing because we do not want it mining activities.

We don't want to "vanish" because of mining. We don’t even like to hear about this. The miners want to trick us, but we can't accept their merchandise (gifts) that they distribute because we are against mining. We don’t want be cheat it and also our people to be cheat it.

Davi Kopenawa, we want you to send this document to the people you know in other countries. We do not want our land to perish.

We leaders are sending this document because the white men have recourses and technology in their cities, they do not need to come to the Yanomami Land.
Romero Juca, don't send mining company to the Yanomami Land! We don't want suffer!

We the Yanomamis don't want work with you.
We don't think about occupying your land, therefore don't come occupy our land. Romeo Juca, you always renews this document, never forget our land. Why? Do you want the Yanomamis to vanish? You can't think like this!
You got have respect!

Dilma, you are agreeing with Romero's Jucá! You must not agree with this! This way we the Yanomami will not lot appreciate your work anymore! You must work as Lula, he respected our people!

Mining, it can't come here and destroy our land. Therefore we are completely against! We the leaders know that will ruin the land where we live.
Hutukara, you must hear our words!
That's it.